My Dream House

My Dream House is not actually a mansion. I want a single storey bungalow home with a terrace and a garden where we can plant some vegetables, have a decorative area, and a space for the children to play.

And I would like an area that is enough for one bedroom each for the kids (I would like two kids, so one for each one of them) with a shared bathroom, a master’s bedroom with a toilet and bath, a playroom which can double as a family room or a guestroom and a servant’s quarter. The lot will also have to accommodate even just a single-car garage for the family car.

That would already be very nice. In these present times however, having such a house would already entail like p2 million pesos or even more. And that money is something that we don’t have right now.

But as I am looking into homes, I have also come across topics like home security and HMS Home Warranty. I guess these are things that we really have to consider if we already own our home. For now, we will just save up where we can and ready ourselves whenever the opportunity for acquiring a new home arises. Right now, we are just enjoying a roof over our heads.

One Response to My Dream House

  1. in fairness parehong pareho tayo ng dream house mommy..tiyaga na rin lang muna ako sa pagre-renta..tapos squatters area pa..waaaa…i wish i had enough money na to buy a house para good environment naman makalakihan ni Iris..

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