Last Photo of Whitney Houston

whitney houstin casket

The Last Photo of Whitney Houston shows her lying in an open casket. Photo courtesy of the National Enquirer.

The last photos of Whitney Houston that were published were the ones where she partied in a black dress and her hair was wet. Then during her funeral, photos of her closed casket were also publicized.

But the National Enquirer published the ultimate Last Photo of Whitney Houston–lying dead in her open casket. It was featured on their cover with bulleted information about her funeral, like she wore her favorite purple dress and a pair of gold slippers. It was also reported that she was buried with $500,000 worth of jewelry. I think it is bad to have reported this, as there are grave diggers that might “disturb” her resting just to remove the valuable pieces on her.

Fans are outraged and shocked at what the National Enquirer did. But well, they have a to sell a paper. Tsk. Tsk.

Chris Cornell Tribute to Whitney Houston

Houston, 48, died last February 11, 2012 in what seemed to be a lethal concoction of prescription drugs and alcohol. She was buried at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey, last Sunday. The burial service was attended only by close family and friends. The open casket was just for private viewing. From the looks of her last photo, Whitney Houston remains beautiful.

Bobby Brown at the Funeral

2 Responses to Last Photo of Whitney Houston

  1. I saw this one in Entertainment Today. She looks like she’s asleep.

  2. She looks so peaceful. She will always remain in the hearts and minds of people. She’s a legend.

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