Shop Early for Christmas at Lamido

We are already on the last quarter of the year and for most people, this means one very special event — Christmas!

Yeah, Christmas is such a big part of the Filipino tradition that people anticipate its coming and prepare so much for it–whatever their reason.

But one important thing that will always be present is the gift-giving. It feels so natural to give gifts during Christmas–to loved ones, family members, relatives, and friends. Whatever the relationship is always a reason to give.

And even when times are hard, it seems that people just try to find ways and means around it–but they won’t skip on the gift-giving part. So there is one website that I will recommend to you–Lamido Buy and Sell. This is really something that you should really check out if you are already in the process of scouting for possible gift items.

A flashlight for him.

Here in Lamido, you will find an extensive collection of items for him, for her, and for kids. There are also items for the home. If you check in daily, you may find that they have new offers that you just might take on. For example, you might like this police flashlight for him, a set of new eco-friendly make up brushes for her, and maybe some new scents for the kids. It seems that whatever you fancy, they have it Lamido. They have some affordable novelty items, too–perfect for exchange gifts during your Christmas parties at work or at school.

A nice set of make up brushes might tickle her fancy.

A big bottle of cologne will be a hit for your inaanak.

At Lamido, the buyer is always protected with the Lamido Safepay and Buyer Protection Scheme. And don’t you worry about your purchase, it is secure and covered and you can always return* them if you didn’t find it satisfactory (*conditions apply).

The Lamido website navigates easily so you can conveniently do your shopping there while surfing on Facebook. haha I just did. So what are you waiting for? Check out the site now. Who knows, you might not need to go to the store anymore as you just might be able to complete your Christmas shopping here.

You can download the Lamido app on your Android phone or tablet and enjoy shopping at your convenient place and time. Just click on the link below:

The 5 Essential Elements of a Bachelorette Party

They popped the question! You said yes! Yay! Now it’s time to move on to the next important step – and no, who cares about the wedding – it’s time to plan your Bachelorette party! Basically, the most important thing you can do no matter who the bride is is to stay true to their individual spirit. Once you have that defined, the next five steps will be the icing on the (pre-wedding) cake.


Obviously you can’t have a bachelorette party if you don’t have a venue. So, step one; choose the location. This will come down to the personality of the bride and the theme of the event, so keep that in mind. Is it a night or daytime affair? Do you want one or more venues? Do you want food and drink at once place? Outside or indoors? How many guests are you inviting? Finding the perfect location to suit the theme is imperative.

Sexual vibes

Now, everyone knows the deal. A bachelorette party is meant to be a single lady’s final night of freedom. Regardless of the bride’s personality, there are cute, sexy, or risqué ways to add a bit of sexuality to any party. Novelty items, demonstrations, and costumes are all a great, fun way to spice things up. If you feel like you’re in over your head,
Naughty But Nice are the experts in all things bachelorette.


Every party needs an itinerary of sorts, and a bachelorette celebration is absolutely no different. No matter the magnitude of the event, it’s always necessary to have a few activities lined up to entertain the bride and her guests. Whether they’re relatively PG quizzes about how well the bride knows the groom, or more sexual like a strip tease – the activities will make the party. Organise a few, and watch the fun unfold.

Menu and Drinks

Bachelorette parties are often seen as a cliché event full of genitalia themed straws – but in today’s world you have a million more options (in addition to that). No matter what the theme, planning the menu and drinks ahead of time is an essential choice. Whether you want personalised cupcakes and cocktails, a wine tasting and cheese platter, or a sit down meal, the menu you plan will bring together the whole event and give people a great opportunity to mingle.

Guest List

Finally, the last thing you need to organise in order to ensure the success of your bachelorette party is the guest list. Obviously this will revolve around the general shenanigans involved and how comfortable you are with everyone being included. For example, if your future mother-in-law is a religious individual, you probably don’t want to invite her to a party with a stripper. Likewise, if you’re going for a more conservative vibe you’re not going to want your crazy friend from university at an afternoon high tea.

Hopefully, the above five steps will ensure your route on the way to marriage goes incredibly smoothly. Just remember – make it about the bride first, and then work out the specifics.

Personalized Ornaments for Christmas

Time flies soooooo fast. It goes like super sonic speed. It seems that we only celebrated Christmas a few months back and now, we are more than halfway throughout the years. That means, Christmas is going to happen in a few months already!

That is something to think about. At least for me. You see, for the last five years that Dindin has been with us, we thought of making the most memorable Christmas memories with her. And well, it worked because she had always loved Christmas. And now that Siobe is with us, it is going to be more memorable because there is more love to go around. :d

So of course, we are going to put up a tree this year. But I am not sure if we are going to buy a new tree or we will still use the little ones that we always had. hihi. Then maybe we can have personalized decorations? Wow that would be lovely. I believe that for personalized ornaments, we can easily order them online. If not, then maybe I can do something at home, like make some DIY crafts. hihi

Ohhhhh I am uber-excited just thinking about it! hihihi

Advance Merry Christmas! :D